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Nicole Martin, MC Registered Psychologist

Nicole has completed a Bachelor of Psychology with the University of Alberta and a Master of Counselling Psychology through Athabasca University. Nicole is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychological Association of Alberta. Nicole is eager to bring her playful soul to meet the playful souls in your life to foster their growth and healing!

Nicole has spent almost 15 years focusing on supporting families and young children to navigate difficulties that arise due to developmental delays, ADHD, autism, behavioural issues, trauma, grief/loss, separations, emotional regulation, and anxiety. Nicole has experience working in clinical settings, shelters, schools, and within homes to provide therapy and support. In addition, Nicole places value in a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to understanding a child’s difficulties and welcomes consultation with teachers, paediatricians, and any other professionals involved in a child’s care.

With deep compassion for children, Nicole has built her practice around therapeutic modalities which are strength based, rooted in attachment theory, are trauma-informed, and aim to extend that same compassion to a child’s parents and caregivers. In her integrative practice, Nicole will draw on play-based therapies such as Child-centered play therapy, Synergetic play therapy, Narrative Therapy, Expressive Arts therapies, Mindfulness practice, and Theraplay. Theraplay is a family and relationship-based therapy which can promote a stronger bond between caregiver and child, as well as, cooperation, emotional regulation, self-esteem, and resilience for children. Get playful parents, you will most likely be part of the therapy at some point!

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