Registered Massage Therapists in Calgary


Mama Massage is Calgary’s choice for the best massage therapy and wellness for the whole family.  We create a unique experience providing a personalized massage in a calm and relaxing environment, while accredited childminders look after your kiddos.  All therapists are fully qualified, experienced and very friendly. We have exceptional massage therapists hand-picked from the best in Calgary. They understand everyone is unique, and as such, all care plans are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Their promise to provide an unforgettable experience for their clients, each time!  See the types of massage offered below.



~ Deep Tissue Massage ~

This deep tissue massage enhances muscle recovery by targeting areas that are sore from exercise or just the tension of daily life.

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~ Hot Stone Massage ~

Experience a deeper state of relaxation. This treatment uses hot stones which glide over tense muscles and gently melts away stress

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~ Reflexology ~

Stimulate the body’s natural capacity for healing through pressure on specific areas of the feet or hands that correspond to internal organs, glands or muscles

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~ Cupping ~

For those who enjoy an extremely deep tissue massage.  This is a deep tissue treatment that uses vacuum sealed cups that slide over tense muscles and target sore areas.

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~ Relaxation Massage~

A gentle and relaxing massage will reduce stress, increase blood flow and allow you to have some ‘me time’

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~ Reiki ~

Promote a sense of wellness and relaxation by working with the body’s energy flow.

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~ Prenatal / Postnatal ~

An effective massage that will reduce stress, increase blood flow and target sore muscles areas associated with pregnancy. Our prenatal massage are tailored to meet your needs.

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~ Kids Massage ~

Is there a young athlete in the family? Our therapists can repair & relax your children’s young muscles

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Group, individual and couples treatments are available. Booking appointments online. Gift certificates and direct billing is also available.