Reflexology Massage

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a massage therapy whereby pressure gets applied to reflex points in the hands, feet and head. The main theory of reflexology is the mapping of the reflex points to the other parts of the body. These points divide into five zones on each hand or foot, drawing a line down vertically extending from each toe or finger. Reflex points link with other areas (or zones) of the body.  Massaging these points can aid and improve the health of these areas.
Reflexology massage is incredibly relaxing, and is a great treatment for everyone of all ages.

Benefits of reflexology massage:

  • Can help to reduce tension and stress
  • Improve circulations and provide general preventative health care
  • Restore balance and coax your body into healing itself

What to expect

On your initial consultation we will ask you about your medical history, health issues and lifestyle. The therapist will give you a quick explanation about what they will be doing and then will get to work. They will look at your feet to see if there are any obvious issues that need addressing. They usually work on one foot at a time, and will cover both feet during the course of a full treatment. 
If you feel any discomfort from the pressure, you should tell the therapist. The sensation should be reasonably firm and you might feel a little discomfort in areas that are being worked on but it should never be painful

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What People are Saying!
Augustine Kanu O.
Augustine Kanu O.
I loved the service here. I suffered a hamstring strain 5 days ago and I needed some knots massaged away. This place was a life saver and now I can... walk and travel to NYC this week. Thank you again!read more
Ashley D.
Ashley D.
Had such a wonderful experience today that I needed to let everyone know about Mama! I have been coming to Mama Massage for many years now and cannot... speak more highly of a massage therapy company. They truly seem to care about each and every one of their clients. I have tried out so many of their massage therapists over the last 5 years and they each bring something unique and wonderful to the table. The reception staff are very friendly, professional, and helpful! I always bribe my kids with a visit to their favourite play place and am so thankful for the wonderful caregivers that look after my girls while I get to relax.P.S. I love the new location in West Hills and we can't wait to see how amazing the permanent location turns out! My kiddos are counting down the days until they play in the tot spot more
Kimberly S.
Kimberly S.
I live with severe chronic pain in my neck, jaw, face, head and back. My injuries stem from 10 motor vehicle accidents, and other injuries sustained... during my employment as a police officer. I've spent years and a significant amount of money on numerous therapies. Last week when I couldn't get in to my fantastic massage therapists, Nav and Stef, I booked with Kyle who is a new team member at Mama Massage. I don't book with male therapists (preference), but absolutely needed some relief, as my next step was attending the emergency at the Foothills. Kyle is BRILLIANT! His techniques, skills and depth of knowledge are incredible. He was VERY professional and I felt 100% comfortable the entire massage. At the end of the massage my neck/jaw pain, vertigo and migraine were gone. It's going on three days now and I continue to feel fantastic. Absolutely incredible! I can't say enough positive things about him. I absolutely will go back to Kyle on a regular more