Cupping Massage

Cupping massage uses specially-designed cups that therapists place on pressure points in the body. The cups provide negative pressure. This means they suck the tissue (muscle, fascia, skin, fat) up into the cup. This draws blood flow in and actually lifts the tissue, taking pressure off it. This is one of the things that makes cupping so unique and it is the only technique that uses this pressure to lift the tissue rather than compressing it. One thing you may have seen from cupping is the big round bruises left behind after treatment. This is all very normal. It is a sign that blood flow has entered the area as well as inflammation that will help with the healing process.

Benefits of cupping massage

  • Pain and tension relief
  • Sports recovery. Professional athletes are increasingly using cupping therapy as part of their recovery practices
  • Alleviates stress on weight-bearing joints and musculo-fascial structures
  • The suction from the cups increases circulation to the area
  • Focused blood flow helps your body by flushing built-up toxins through the lymphatic system
  • Cupping can improve varicose veins and spider veins

What to expect

During your treatment, cups get placed trigger points or get moved around, allowing a good stretch and massage to the muscles and fascia. You’ll hear it make a small clicking sound as we use the apparatus to create the suction.  Your body will acclimate to the feeling of the cups. You most likely won’t even feel every single cup. and the number of cups your therapist uses will depend on what is being treated.
If it’s your first time trying cupping, your therapist will likely use fewer cups for a less intense treatment. Your therapist will leave the cups in place for 5-20 minutes, depending on your specific need. When it’s time to remove the cups, your therapist will release the pressure from the cup and set it aside. The release of pressure often feels calming, or like your body feels lighter and less tense.

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Johnathon A.
Johnathon A.
Nia what's absolutely amazing ! Focused on the spots I asked which I find to be uncommon for most places! Was very thorough working out tight spots... !Was in the session for the full hr which is also not as comman as you'd think for most places !And the hot towels on the feet, seriously!! Amazing lolBy far best massage experience I've ever had !read more
Ryan P.
Ryan P.
Favourite massage place in Calgary! Staff is amazing, highly recommend!
Trudy H.
Trudy H.
I love going here for my massages, the front desk is polite and welcoming. The facility is very clean and tidy. My fav therapist is Mitra she’s very... good. I always need a nap right after my massage. I like that they offer water that you can have before or after your massage. They also offer kids and couples more