Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraines

A headache or migraine may stem from postural imbalances or from your physical or emotional state. When a headache becomes reoccurring and persistent, interfering with your normal everyday functioning it suggests an imbalance and an intervention is recommended to help enhance your quality of life.

Headaches may be due to myofascial lesions in the soft tissues of the neck or upper back. This may alter the muscular formation resulting in sensations of tight knots or taut painful bands of muscle. When these lesions are pressed they may refer to different parts of the head commonly referred to as “trigger points” which are commonly seen in people who suffer from frequent headaches.


  • Stress or Tension
  • Emotional factors (unexpressed anger, frustration, worry or other internalized emotion)
  • Poor shoulder or neck posture (common in office work/study)
  • Withdrawal or side effects from caffeine, alcohol or medications
  • Sinus pain or infection
  • Dental or gum infections
  • Diet


Your Acupuncturist a will do a thorough health screen to help understand your current and previous health history and lifestyle and dietary habits. This will help develop a treatment plan tailored to you and the location, severity and frequency of your headaches or migraines.

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