Safe Ways to Relieve Back Pain from Pregnancy

Back pain is common during pregnancy, because the extra weight stresses the back and the hips. As women come close to term, they may experience back pain as often as every day. While many women are reluctant to take pain medication while they are pregnant, there are many ways to relieve back pain caused by pregnancy naturally.


Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes are the simplest ways to relieve pregnancy back pain, provided you can become consistent with your habits. Rather than sleeping on your back or stomach, sleep on your side. Maintain good posture when sitting or standing to support the body and take stress off the back.

Be physically active, as light exercise can help you feel more comfortable during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a good choice for working out, as it tones the body for a safe delivery and stretches sore muscles to relieve pain naturally.



Prenatal massage works to relieve muscular pain, including back pain and sciatica pain. As long as your doctor does not caution against massage for your pregnancy, it’s safe to enjoy a prenatal massage, which uses long stroking techniques that won’t jostle fluids in the body. Because massage is relaxing, it can also help alleviate mood swings you may experience during pregnancy.



Acupuncture uses thin needles to stimulate the body’s energy and dissolve energy blockages. During pregnancy, acupuncture can deliver relief from common symptoms including nausea, low energy, muscle aches, and back pain.  The needles used by acupuncturists are very small and won’t hurt the way it might to get a shot. Some people actually find treatments so relaxing that they fall asleep.


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments can relieve back pain and position the body for a safe and healthy delivery by realigning the spine, ligaments, and joints. Not all licensed chiropractors have experience working with pregnant women, so seek out those who understand pregnancy-related chiropractic care and use a low force method deemed safe for pregnant patients. By scheduling regular adjustments throughout the pregnancy, you can enjoy a strong, stable back and good range of motion. The natural endorphin relief that follows treatments can lift your mood, while the increased circulation soothes muscular tension and reduces pain.



Meditation is a helpful strategy for coping with life’s stressors, whether physical or mental. Developing a meditation practice early in pregnancy can help you accept days when pain levels rise and shift your thoughts from pain and stress to love and kindness. Learning to meditate while pregnant will also help you deal with everything from labor and delivery to postnatal stress. Meditation works by changing brain chemistry, actually releasing a relaxation response that counteracts stress.

These techniques work alone or in tandem, so pick and choose methods that appeal to you. Taking action to lower your back pain while protecting your baby will help you feel as comfortable as possible, which can lower the stress and anxiety of pregnancy while helping you prepare for a safe delivery.

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