We love you!  Thanks to your support, we can proudly say Mama Massage is now 5 years in business! We have grown to love our clients and this community, both of which are absolutely amazing.  It is a milestone for our business, one which some companies never realize.  This achievement is also a testament to the outstanding team we have assembled and quality of service we have been able to achieve through their dedication.


  • As you know, people and businesses had been asked to make increasing sacrifices in their daily lives for the greater good of public health.  We temporarily closed our business doors from Mar-June to help the cause and have put measures in place to keep our clients safe since we reopened in July.  During the quarantine, we shut our doors to stop the spread, but during that time, we used it as an opportunity to expand and grow the business.


  • We are super excited to announce we are moving into West Hills (in between the Best Buy and Mastermind Toys).  This new location will allow us to accommodate more clients and revamp our childminding area with some new exciting fun things.  Construction has already started and will send out another note shortly to give you the full details.


  • The rent in the area has become increasingly unreasonable and unfortunately, we have just been informed this weekend that our negotiated monthly lease at the West Springs location will be terminated at the end of August.  Inevitably, a new massage place will open where we currently are, but is in no way affiliated with our brand or our people. These unforeseen circumstances have moved-up the announcement of our move to a new and better location, and left us with another hurdle during these already challenging times.  ** Fortunately, we have found a temporary location in Westhills (between the Shoppers and Petland), while our Permanent location, in Westhills (between the Best Buy and Mastermind Toys) is being built.  Be rest-assured we are still in business and are setting the foundation for an amazing new Mama Massage location you can enjoy visiting for years to come.

Forth: BOOK NOW BEFORE AUG 29 (at West 85th Location)

  • We are looking for a temporary location for the next couple of months while our new location is getting built and will provide you an update shortly on where you can find your favorite therapist during this transition!  Until then, please make sure to book now before August 29th to ensure the remaining spots at the West Springs location.


** Fifth: BOOK NOW FOR APPOINTMENTS IN SEPT  (at Westhills Location)

  • Your favorite Therapists can still be found!  Book now starting Sept 3 at the new Westhills Temporary Location (between the Shoppers and Petland).

Don’t worry, of course, ALL YOUR PACKAGES AND Gift Certificates Transfer over to the new location!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.  We wouldn’t be this successful without our amazing clients.

Craig Swarbrick, Owner

(**REVISED AUG 19, 2020)